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Thank you for visiting and considering joining Florida Business & Realty Group Llc. A little bit about me:
I am a veteran of the Hospitality/Food & Beverage industry since 1985. In that time, I have managed, owned and operated Food & Beverage operations in both Florida and New England and my experience ranges from independently owned full service casual dining stores to high volume Franchise and Hotel operations. Since 2005, I have been assisting buyers and sellers of real estate and business opportunities attain their unique objectives. Since then, I've formed three Real Estate Brokerage Firms Tampa Bay Business Group, Homeowner's Preferred Realty and just this year Florida Business & Realty Group Llc. to cater to the the numerous real estate agents that have worked hard to obtain their real estate license but for whatever reason have their license in inactive status or considering to do so. I understand because I have been through the ups and downs since I started back in the boom of 2005.
Maybe retiring or semi retiring from real estate? - Weren't able put forth the time and dedication that requires one to be successful in real estate plus the expense of maintaining required Association partnerships? - Tried it for a while, quit your job and lost a lot of cash and had minimal or no success? - New to the business and don't want to quit you present career and dedicate quite yet to the time factor and expense ie: Association boards, MLS fees, lock box keys, websites, advertising, etc?  For a minimal investment, you can still make money in real estate while still working your present career, retiring or if you are just getting started it is a great way to gain an understanding of the business. I am a full time broker and there to answer any questions you may have. I am still  ACTIVE, in the fight, round by round and toe to toe closing deals of all types so Ill be glad the share my experience with you.

You can refer to your own agents, we can find one for you or you can refer to one of our sister companies. There are a few referral companies out there , but my goal is to create the BEST referral company in the state with many options based on your needs, numerous commission opportunities not just home referrals and deliver unmatched support for the team..
I look forward to help bring success to you, your family and your real estate career!  Please review the info on the website and feel free to submit a question, call the office number or call on my direct line at 727 403 9933 if you have additional questions. If you are ready to get started, go the the "
join today" tab in the browser.  

I look forward to help bring success to you, your family and your real estate career! 


Damon Desautel - Broker/Head Coach

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