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No Realtor, E&O Insurance or MLS fees - Refer in all 50 states - Get referrals on your own deals!


Our Referral Partners Splits:

100% to you on any referral provided directly by you with a $175 transaction fee at closing for residential and $375 for commercial/business brokerage closings.

90% minus transaction fees on any referral you refer through our network with broker assistance.

100% on any referral you refer to and is accepted by one of our "Sister" Companies with NO transaction fees!

The choice is up to you!

Real Estate Referral partners also cap out on an annual basis after $3000 paid as Brokers share of transaction fees and referral commissions! When you reach the cap during the year, you will get paid out 100% with no transaction fees until your renewal date! 

Referral Fees:

Most residential brokerages typically offer a 20-25% referral fee but can be anything that is negotiated between you and the agent/broker. Typical commercial or business brokerage referrals are 20% of the side (listing or selling). The referral fee is a minimum of 25% to you if referred to and accepted by one of our "sister" companies. Upon joining, you will receive a company "guide" to show you how to get the referrals and fill out the appropriate forms correctly. Plus, you have broker support when needed! Marketing tips and business cards at wholesale cost are available if you wanted to take your business to another level!

Where do you get referrals? You are probably surrounded by them and do not know it! Friends, family, co workers, businesses that you frequent all will most likely want to buy or sell now or or the the near future. Yes, even if they are not in Florida!

Selling or Purchasing Your Own Property:

We are investor friendly! If buying and selling your own property is your main focus, we have great opportunities! For a small administrative fee and transaction fee at closing, we will enter your property into the MLS through our "sister" company so Realtors in your area will have access to sell your property. regional MLS covers 17 counties in Florida and growing! You would offer a commission to the "selling" agent but save or pay yourself on the listing side! Other full service, limited and flat fee options available for commercial and business opportunities!

If purchasing a property listed with a brokerage, you can receive a negotiated percentage of the "selling" commission by either a "referral" from the listing agent or by purchasing through a "sister" company! We will show you how!

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