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Why would you consider activating your license?

If you have a real estate license in the "inactive" status you are not legally allowed to receive fee, commissions or payment of any type through real estate transactions. For only $99 per year. you can activate your license to receive referral fees on the sale of homes, commercial real estate and leases, business opportunities, some commercial loans and even Florida liquor licenses! Why not put your license to work for you? Most referrals can come when you least expect it.... neighbor selling their house? The owner of your favorite auto repair shop or restaurant want to sell their business? Have friends or family looking for real estate? Get referral fees from most people you would least expect it! Call for a free consultation to see if our program would work for you! Call 24/7 Office number (727) 498 1685 and leave message or go to "Join Today" on the website to get started!

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