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You don't have to pay for the MLS or join an association to be able to earn commissions from real estate deals. Keep your real estate license active and don't miss out on the opportunity to earn an unlimited amount of extra income. The real estate market is HOT and everyone makes money when people are buying and selling. Take advantage of your hard-earned Florida real estate license and join today to  make easy money in referring customers as a Real Estate Referral Partner!

Do you have another full-time career?    Are you retired or retiring?    Taking a break from real estate?    Part-time or new real estate agent?    Moving to another state?  Tired of paying Board of Realtors® Dues?    Tired of paying desk fees?    Not making enough money in real estate?   Full time investor?

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What does it cost to be a Real Estate Referral Partner?  Why pay $1500 or more on MLS or association fees? For $99 per year you can keep your license active and get paid referral fees as long as you keep your license in good standing with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. In addition, you have access to our network to sell more than just homes! Broker support is available to you if you have any questions so call today put your inactive real estate license to work for you!

Just click the secure link in the navigation bar "JOIN TODAY" to get started!


In addition to residential referral fees, you can also get paid big dollars on new construction, land, commercial real estate, business opportunities, commercial loans and even Florida Liquor Licenses!! We have "sister" companies that are members of the National Association of Realtors, Regional MLS, Florida Gulfcoast Commercial Association of Realtors® and Business Brokers of Florida to assure your clients get the service they deserve and you get paid your well deserved fee!


Just click the secure link in the navigation bar "JOIN TODAY" to get started!


The commission splits on referral fees to our Real Estate Referral Partners are between 90 to 100%! It is up to you if you want to negotiate and set up the referrals with other brokerages or you can utilize our referral network to find qualified agents that will get the deal to the closing table which equates to more $$ in your pocket!

Just click the secure link in the navigation bar "JOIN TODAY" to get started!

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